A Message From Our Founder

Hello Scholars, Parents, Friends, and Family!

Thank you for visiting our store, Full Potential Educational Resources. As an educator for over 18 years and a mother of three, I understand how difficult it can be to find the right resources for your child’s educational journey. My hope is that our website will be your one stop shop for all of your educational needs. Here at Full Potential, our motto is “Helping Young Scholars Stay On Point and On Task”. Let’s make that motto a reality!

Many Blessings,

LaTonya S. Reliford, Founder and CEO

Our Mission

To enhance the educational process for all students by providing quality yet affordable resources that are strategic and rigorous with the understanding that all students have the ability to thrive given the right tools to reach their Full Potential.

Community Partnerships and Outreach

Full Potential Educational Resources, LLC is proud to collaborate with the nonprofit, Project Educate. Project Educate’s mission is to prevent the suffering and improve the quality of life for homeless men, women, and children by providing resources that offer temporary, yet immediate, relief and programs that assist with the transition to safe environments, healthy life choices, and a healthier way of living. For more information, please visit their website https://www.4projecteducate.org/.

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